Ball Chain Machine
Ball Chain Machine

It works on the pronciple of two synchronized hammering heads one is working on inner part of chain while other is hammering on outside strip then it is converted into beads. Its is designed and made for providng the mass production.

Customers rely on us for providing them with cost effective and highly efficient chain machines through our sturdy and reliable Ball Chain Machine. Featuring excellent dimensional stability, accurate results, fine finish and a highly functional design these products are popular in the industry. Customers largely appreciate their strength and long service life for higher outputs of their company. We offer these products to our clients after conducting stringent quality assurance tests on them and ensuring them to be free from manufacturing and functional defects.

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♦ Machine suitable for production of ball chain or other shapes in small dimensions by simply changing the matrix dies.

♦ Ball size:0.20mm – 3.00mm.

♦ Speed: 70-200 balls/minute.

♦ Lubricating system provides oiling to cams and various other parts.

♦ High speed performance
♦ Stable
♦ Low power consumption
♦ High efficiency
♦ Less maintenace
♦ Rigid construction
♦ Anti corrision
♦ Precise and accurate output